Dying in the Land of Enchantment

At a time when the process of dying is often medicalized and hidden from social view, there is considerable renewed interest in the benefits of contemplative practice in end-of-life care. In Dying in the Land of Enchantment: A Doctor’s Journey, Gordon Giddings undertakes a quest to more completely understand the ‘final passage’ by retreating to a Buddhist monastery in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains with other practitioners of end-of-life care. While there, he is introduced to a Zen priest who would change the way he views life, death and the practice of medicine. In the process, he gives a glimpse into the experiences of patients and families at crucial points along the fine line between life and death, and on the benefits of contemplative medicine in a world of prescriptive medicine. Artfully interwoven with poetic verse, his narrative is a tribute to the most essential yet sometimes discounted side of medicine—the human side.


One thought on “Dying in the Land of Enchantment

  1. Janet FInlay says:

    This book is inspiring and provides comfort and hope regarding the future of health care. Dr. Giddings’ contemplations and poems illustrate effectively the importance of connecting body, mind, and spirit. This work is a wonderful merging of science and art, an important contribution to the evolution of holistic end-of-life care.

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